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Super Bond 25kg

Price :- Rs. 1534/bag

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Super Dispersant Admixture

Super Bond duper dispersant admixture is plasticizing hardening fly ash brich admixture that increases the early strength and reduce water consumption by more then 13% of fly ash bricks. It also improves the workability of concrete and reduces the hydration at early final stage of cement hydration without affecting initial workability and final strength. Super Bond super dispersant admixture is used as accelerator in hardening process of fly ash bricks, leading to quick set and to get high initial strength in fly ash bricks.


Rapid set time

High early compressive strength

Low shrinkage

Improve workability

Good adhesion

Reduce efflorescence

Excellent durability high initial strength

Improve surface finish

Reduce bleeding

Water reduced more then 13%

Self-curing resulting in elimination of water curing

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