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Bond & Glazing

Agent Super Plasticizer

Bond & Glazing is high quality high range concrete superplasticizer for precast industry. On addition to concrete it disperses the cement particles, by which it enhances the workability by many folds and gives good retardation.


Bond Max

Concrete Admixture

Bond Max is a hardening agent admixture formulated to provide accelerated setting during low ambient temperatures whilst increasing early and final strengths of concrete.


Concrete Guard

Super Dispersant Admixture

Concrete Guard super dispersant admixture is a  new generation superplasticizer designed to produce wide range of concrete mixes from conventional to self-consolidating concrete.


Bond + Ultra

Fast Setting Admixture

Bond + Ultra fast setting admixture is a hardening accelerator that increases the early strength of fly ash bricks without affecting the initial workability and final strength.


Super Seal

Waterproofing Membrane

Super Seal is a single component, cold applied, elastomeric waterproofing coating for concrete. Develops excellent bond to most building materials.


Super Bond

Super Dispersant Admixture

Super Bond duper dispersant admixture is plasticizing hardening fly ash brich admixture that increases the early strength and reduce water consumption by more then 13% of fly ash bricks.


Bond Plus

Concrete Admixture

Bond plus is a ready to use, liquid accelerator admixture. It accelerates initial setting time one to three times faster than normal concrete.



Concrete Guard LW300

Waterproofing Concrete Admixture

Concrete guard LW 300 is an integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface-active plasticizing agents, polymers & additives.


Clear Coat

Water Repellent Agent

Clear  Coat is coating material, also known as acrylic polymer and is widely available commonly chosen as a substitute for water repellent on concrete surface. clear coat is a high gloss clear fast drying, flexible, protective and insulating coating designed to protect concrete substrates from atmospheric corrosion, dust and other common contaminants.



De-Moulding Agent

Mould Conditioner Agent

De-Moulding Agent is an oil based component of low viscosity which is free from suspended matter of sediments. It from a smooth, sliding film at the interface of concrete mould and ensure quick, clean release of hardened concrete. 


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